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On our server we provide multiple plugins to improve the quility of the game.
Our servers also run on high end hardware to improve your ingame experience on our server!

Some of our plugins:
・24 hour wipe raid protection. 
・Free skinbox
・Box sorter
・Offline base protection 25%
・remover tool
・Hit Icon
・Clear nights
・Instant barrels
・Instant craft
・Quick smelt
・Random wrapped gift
・recycle speed (2x faster)
・Stack multiplier (5x)
・Extended workbench range

Rust Galaxy Server

Rust Galaxy | 2X | Solo/Duo | Free Skinbox |

Weekly Wipe:
We wipe every friday around 3 P.M. 
We chose this time due to how many people like weekly wiped and also those who get off school/work on friday's wanting to play the wipe!
Please note: If Rust updates on the game we have to follow them on the wipe date/time. 
We will try our best to keep our wipe date/time.


Click on the steam logo to join our server

Or use our client connect 


You can join by clicking on the Discord Logo.